• Our mailing address is :

      Athens Art Association

      P. O. Box 5152

      Athens, GA. 30604

  • Our meetings are held at:

      Lyndon House Arts Center

      211 Hoyt St

      Athens, GA 30601

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Member Directory and Portfolios


Archer, Janice

Archer, Mike

Barth Withington, Betsey

Bene, Mark

Broaded, Eleanor

Buckley, Judith

Burk, Jack

Carlisle, Olivia

Clements, Claire

Clements, Robert

Croft, Melody

Desio, Anna L.

Elliott, Paula

Enter, Harold

Everett, Nancy

Flynn, Connee

Freeman, Louise

Gazda, Lola

Helms, Starr

Hodges, Mark

Langone, Christine

Moody, Leslie

Moon, Heggie

Nagao, Zee

Norris, Margaret

Pierson, Bill

Ramey, Pamela

Register, Levon

Rittenberry, Harold

Sturm, Karen

Timberlake, Hildegard & Richard

Timberlake, Tommy

Tigue, Diane

Weber, John

York, Mia

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