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Board of Directors Responsibility

Roles and Responsibilities


The president plans and presides over board and member meetings, as well as manages the Board of Directors. They appoint all chairmen and temporary chairmen as needed . Additionally, the president acts as an ex-officio member of all committees.

Vice President

The vice president is the chairman of the Program Committee and is in charge of planning the monthly meeting programs. The vice president acts as liaison between the Board of Directors and the committees. Additionally, the vice president will fill in for the president during an absence.

Director of Internal Relations

The Director of Internal Relations acts as the recording secretary and keeps general records and meeting minutes. They keep the Constitution and By-laws up-to-date and is in charge of ensuring that all communication is as transparent as possible.


The treasurer is the Chairman of the Finance Committee. They are in charge of collecting dues and keeping receipts on record for the association. The treasurer creates financial reports to share with the Board of Directors and members to ensure transparency.

Director of Member Relations

The Director of Member Relations acts as corresponding secretary and is a member of the Membership and Publications Committees. They handles all correspondence and communicates additional information not published in the association's newsletter. Additionally, he/she acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors and members.


The Historian records the history of the organization and its notable events. They store and protect minutes, reports, newsletters and press clippings for the association, and endeavors to preserve the rich history of the association.

Publicity Director

The Publicity Director promotes Athens Art Association in the community. They are the Chairman of the Publicity Committee and oversees the promotion of the association and its events.

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