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Meeting Minutes: February 4, 2021

Meeting 2/4/2021

Conducted by Zoom. Attendees:

Tommy (president) and Hildegard Timberlake

Bob (programs officer) and Claire Clements

Alice Pruitt (treasurer)

Morgan King

Mia York

Sylvia Dawe (social director)

Y’vonne Studevan

Zee Nagao

Gloria Granzow

Viviane Van Gieson

Margaret Agner

Mike Spronck

After “hello’s” meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY’S: Hildegard, Y’vonne and husband Russ. Real soon, Alice will have a grandchild (she did. It’s a girl!!! Congratulations, Alice)

Morgan King

Hired for Athens Art Association website, Facebook and Instagram social media manager. Tommy will send to all members the agreement between AAA and Morgan.

Morgan requests frequent pictures and info to post. You can send them to her at:

From the board

Tommy (president) in collaboration with Alice, announced a donation for $150 to the Lyndon House for the Merit Award for the ongoing 46th juried show. It was short notice, so he and Alice made the decision for the donation same day we (Tommy and Alice) were notified by Lyndon House. AAA has made the donation consistently in past years. Also, Morgan King is hired as social media manager for $30/hr. Emphasis point was made that for success in this social media endeavor, it takes effort and interaction of the members and Morgan King. She needs the info of and from members. We, the members, need to provide the info (pictures of your artwork mostly or announcements) to her. You can send it directly to her at

Bob (programs) volunteered to get a speaker for the next meeting even though we are still “Zooming”. This idea was met with enthusiasm. He will try to get Abner Cope for March. Other ideas are for our members to show techniques they use for painting and or jewelry making or (?). Sylvia and Viviane volunteered for a short instructional class in the future.

Alice (treasurer) confirmed the $150.00 donation to Lyndon House for the merit award.

Passed on behalf of Jack (exhibits): Reminder: our botanical art exhibit at the Botanical Garden is scheduled for May.

Who, What and Where news and upcoming events:

Babs announced Athens Art and Frame is seeking a service to local artists. Athens Art and Frame acts as a conduit between the artist and the customer to increase exposure and sales. Website:

Olivia currently is part of a Scientific Illustrators exhibit at the Botanical Garden through about February 22nd.

Mike encouraged us all to explore and take advantage of all opportunities to show and sell art. He and Margaret both recently sold pieces on exhibit at Athens Surgery Center. Our members should continue to investigate venues for exhibiting and selling.

Tommy “dovetailed” Mike and said Dortha Jacobson has an exhibit at the Athens Surgery Center.

Viviane posed a question to the group: “to sell online with or without a frame?” Answer: if you show the pieces for sale with a frame, you will sell it framed. Otherwise, show it without a frame.

Mike realized the importance of having other artists critique his framing; he recommends welcoming others’ input as beneficial critique and not as criticism.

SHOW AND TELL (display your work)

Bob: “The Whistleblower” artistic imagines of Li Wenliang, the physician who was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in China advocating safety and who ultimately died from the disease, has been accepted in the Lyndon House exhibit. Interesting:

Y’vonne: Exhibited a beautiful oil painting of a lion at rest she recently completed. That lead to a further discussion of the other subject; a lily which was just as stunning. Really nice!

Claire: An orchid sketch painting begun at Plein Air that morning at the Bot Garden. It is Orchid Madness at the Botanical Garden. If you are an “orchaholic”, get out there and see it! And if you’re not, get out there and see it!

Starr Helms could not be at the meeting, so Tommy showed her art: “Lilium Sumatra” 24x18 oil on canvas and “Casablanca Lilies” 14x12. Very good works of art, Starr! See below.

Morgan: has been enjoying success and fun with performance art. Her Flamingo character is seen this week in Flagpole where she is assisting Jittery Joe in getting the word out about recycling coffee and drink cups. Also displayed an abstract watercolor that was well balanced with emphasis on curved shapes throughout the painting. Very pleasing to the eye. If that is not enough, she and her husband, Cal are making and selling their whimsical and decorative pottery.

Newest member, Gloria Granzow shared a painting she is doing experimenting and starting a new technique — gesso as a foundation for a painting. She watches you tubes about art and self teaches herself. (Tommy’s note: Bob does the same. Get together with him at the Botanical Garden and he will show you and anyone else interested!). Also showed her earrings she was wearing which she made. They are very nice. She sells the jewelry she makes. She also likes to sew and make clothes and curtains and blankets. Here is her email if you would like to share interests with her:

Margaret: has done a lovely green leaf plant during her Plein Air outing. She is sewing silk purple masks for clergy to have during lent.

Alice has been creating art for the nursery. She has made amazing paper cut-roll-and glue flowers for decoration. She is also participating in a “Mosaic Project” in Florida. On a 6” x 6” canvas, she painted colorful buoys called Buoys and Bobbies. It is a fine arts fund raising opportunity sponsored by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts. She has been trying to think of ways we can do something similar, probably on a smaller scale to start. Maybe we could do it in conjunction with the Athens Area Arts Council - it’s something to think about….. Here is the website: (Tommy’s note: Alice left the meeting early and welcomed her grandchild, Miss June Marie Pruitt who made her grand entrance early in the morning on the 5th! Congratulations, Alice!).

Mia: Taking part in the OCAF Poetry show. Check out our Facebook site for photos of all AAA artist in this exhibit.

Viviane: “Sitting Pretty” is a perfectly divine watercolor which has been accepted in the GWS National Show in Carrollton, GA , beginning in April. She used the gesso technique, a little credit card action and other means to create the background. You will see this work on the GWS website later this spring. FYI, Georgia Watercolor Society 42nd National Exhibition, April 5th-May 14th at the Carrollton Center for the Arts, 251 Alabama Street, Carrollton, GA 30117. Juror: John Salminen, AWS, DF, NWS, TWSA. John will do a workshop in person if it is possible; there will not be a virtual workshop. Space is available. Check the GWS website for info on the workshop and the exhibit. Everything depends on the pandemic.

Sylvia: Showed some really special brass buttons and an amazing bracelet. See below.

Babs: Made a stunning stained glass window—ginkgo leaves on frosted glass. But, it is her “ME” piece and is NFS. It is gracing her bathroom. See photo below.

Alan: Shared his power point of the February 4 Plein Air group earlier in the day at the Botanical Garden. Thanks Alan!

A rabbit hole discussion worthy of note: In discussion of the diverse works of art, Y’vonne requested a demo using gesso. Viviane volunteered to show a short demo on a future meeting. Also, please respond to Morgan’s request and survey she sent in an email recently. Or you can link to it here. It is linked to Google, so you need a Google account to take part:

For your own exposure and the exposure of the AAA, send photos of your art and any announcements to Morgan at If for sale, include price and contact info. Also include name of piece, date made, medium, description, etc. Include your website also if you have one so she can link it.

Sylvia and Bob have been accepted in the Lyndon House juried exhibit. Congratulations!

Hildegard and Tommy: Showed a studio tour video of “Hildegard’s Greenhouse” which is a greenhouse converted to a painting studio. It is well lit and very unique and cozy. Mike thought very highly of it and had a good idea: Each week we will show a studio tour of a member. If you would like to volunteer for your fellow artists to see your studio set-up, contact Tommy to either send him the video or you can do it live. Regardless, keep 3 (three) things in mind when doing it: 1. Pan slowly. 2. Pan slowly. 3. Pan slowly. If you rush it, we will just see a blur…….

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 with gracious goodbye’s. Nest meeting will be on the first Thursday of March and every month thereafter. March’s meeting will be on which March 4th. Below is the link. See you then!

Tom Timberlake is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Athens Art Association monthly Zoom Meeting

Time: Mar 4, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time

Meeting ID: 230 098 3701

Passcode: AAArules

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